The sun is shining, BBQs are commencing and we have the perfect cold drink to make you enjoy the sun even more this June! This month we are celebrating one of our favourite green teas, Peach Sencha.

This blog post will walk you through our four easy steps of making your very own peach iced tea. Cold brewing our Peach Sencha really does make loose-leaf tea, easy. All you need is our Peach Sencha and a jug of water. We have abolished the need for fiddly utensils, there is no need for a thermometer, a kettle or even a measuring spoon! Cold brewing also eliminates the risk of over brewing and burning the tea leaves. Cold brewing allows the tea leaves to be infused more slowly over a longer period of time, making it the most forgiving way to brew more specialist teas.

Now, you might be wondering where to begin, follow this quick and simple method to preparing your very own peach iced tea.

Step 1
Grab your Peach Sencha, place 3 teaspoons of tea into a pitcher, jug or bottle (our other teas will work as cold brews too).

Step 2
Fill up your chosen jug with cold water and make sure all of the tea is covered.

Step 3
Give it a quick stir and place it in the fridge for at least two hours – the longer you leave your tea the stronger the flavour will be.

Step 4
Strain, pour over ice and enjoy! Add a little sugar if you prefer your tea sweeter.

If you are feeling particularly fruity, you can decorate your drink with fresh peaches or other fruits. Add a tipple of your choice to turn your iced tea into summer punch!

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