This May we are continuing to celebrate our infamous Cloud Catcher Brew. With the warm weather starting to pick up and summer soon to be here, this Cloud Catcher cold brew tea will be your ‘go to’ icy beverage after you’ve tried this really easy step by step blog post!

You may have seen cold brew around in lots of coffee shops and supermarkets recently, it’s becoming very popular, but have you ever thought of trying to make it yourself? It is quick, easy and very cheap to do so.

The method is super simple; all you need to do is place two tablespoons of Easy Teasy Cloud Catcher tea (or any of our other teas) in to a pitcher or jug and fill it up with cold water. This then needs to be left in the fridge for 6-12 hours. The longer you leave your brew, the stronger the flavour will be.

Once you have waited for the tea to brew, you need to strain the tea or fruit from the water; you can do this by either sieving the whole jug straight away into another container, or just straining as you go. I personally find that if you strain the whole brew all at once, not only is it then ready in the fridge for ‘top ups’, but it also stops the flavour getting any stronger or over brewing.

Heat brings out the bitter flavours in tea especially in green teas, so with the absence of heat, you’re left with a perfectly refreshing, super smooth cold brew. I like to pour the cold brew over ice and garnish with cherries and limes.

This refreshing thirst quencher is the perfect start to summer BBQs and long, light nights. If you’re feeling particularly zesty, splash in a bit of gin or vodka for a unique summer punch!


Cold brew tea made with Easy Teasy Cloud Catcher. Garnished with ice, limes and grapefruit and a splash of Gin.


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