Say hello to our popular Cloud Catcher brew, this is our Tea of the Month for May and is our favourite fruit infusion. It doesn’t just taste incredible but it looks incredible too! It’s made up of sour cherries, pieces of kiwi, apple, cranberries and coconut, all blended together! Technically not a tea, our Cloud Catcher blend is classed as an infusion, this refers to the process of infusing herbs or fruit in hot water to release their essential oils (this is where all of the flavour comes from). This tea is the perfect drink to have at any time of the day due to it being completely caffeine free!

Cloud Catcher should be brewed at 100 degrees celsius however, it can be poured over ice or left in the fridge to cold brew as an iced tea. This tea has strong notes of cherry and apple. Remember, the longer you leave this infusion to brew, the stronger it will be.

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