Since the sun was shining over Newcastle this week, I thought we at Easy Teasy, should put my idea into action, we set ourselves the task of (attempting) to grow our very own Camellia Sinensis plant! Camellia Sinensis is a tropical ever-green plant native to Asia that we more commonly know as tea. The plant eventually produces a yellow flower and forms seeds which you can actually create tea oil from. However, the yield is normally cultivated before this happens to encourage the plant to reproduce more tea leaves, providing more tasty tea for us! The tea plant grows best in warm humid climates, so our hot sunny office will be perfect for our experiment. There is no way we could know more about what we were drinking and putting into our bodies if the Camellia Sinensis was being grown, plucked and withered in the comfort of Easy Teasy HQ.

As myself and Tom are both really into our green teas, I purchased a fragrant Green Tea set to start our own home grown yield.

The set contained;

  • 2 x Small terracotta coloured plant pots
  • 1 x Medium terracotta coloured plant pots
  • 2 x Professional grow pellets
  • 1 x Plant Pot Tray
  • 2 x label sticks
  • Tea Seeds

There were a few steps to follow before the growing could commence.

Step 1.
Submerge the tea seeds in water for 24 hours.

Step 2.
Leave the seeds in the sun until they crack open and start to sprout.

Step 3.
Once the seeds have cracked, plant them in the pots provided.

So the waiting game begins, keep checking back to follow our DIY tea plant journey.