Tea By Origin

///Tea By Origin

The origin of a tea has a lot to do with how it will taste. Different growing regions will vary greatly due to factors such as the soil, climate and the elevation that the tea plant is grown at. Different regions are also known for their expertise in growing certain types of tea – for example China is commonly known for its Green teas, but actually produces everything from Black, Green, White and Oolong.

Our teas and infusions are sourced from the best growing regions around the world. Check out the sections below to see where our teas are sourced.

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Health & Lifestyle

Ever wondered what the real health benefits of drinking tea are? With all the information available online it gets a little confusing sometimes. Have a browse in this section for clear and honest information on which teas you should be drinking!

Our Chocolate

It’s tea. And chocolate. What’s not to like? We use some of our most popular loose leaf teas blending them into Belgian milk chocolate for a natural flavour. Browse our tea infused chocolates in milk, dark and white chocolate blends.

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