Find out about the health benefits of black tea.

Most research done on tea has focused on varieties of green tea, as it has been used as a Chinese remedy for centuries and is known to contain powerful antioxidants, such as epigallocatechin gallate (known as EGCG).

However, studies show that black tea has some health benefits that are specific to black tea alone.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Studies suggest that drinking black tea can provide cardiovascular benefits. A study conducted by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health found a strong correlation between the consumption of black tea and the decreased risk of strokes. One of the key findings from the study was that drinking 4 cups of tea a day significantly reduced risks of suffering from heart attacks and strokes.

A study at Boston’s School of Medicine as noted that the drinking of black tea all improved the functioning of the boys blood vessels within only a few hours of consumption!

Caffeine Content

While in tea terms, black tea has the highest caffeine content, yet in general terms it still only contains around 40% of the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. Studies indicate that a daily dose of 300mg caffeine will not have adverse effects on health. A British study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition also found that while black tea does contain significant quantities of caffeine and diuretic compounds, the drink does not work to dehydrate the body as it normally would.

How much should I drink for these health benefits?

The Netherlands National Institute of Public Health conducted a study into the correlation between the consumption of black tea and the risk of stroke. The study found that those drinking 2-3 cups a day had a reduced risk of suffering from strokes, however, those drinking 4 or more cups of black tea a day significantly reduced their risk of strokes.

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