Find out about the health benefits of White Tea.

You may not believe this, but white tea is thought to have the highest antioxidant count out of any other tea – including green tea!

Like with all other green, white, black and oolong varieties, white tea comes from the same plant (camellia sinensis).

White tea is one of the most natural and minimally processed teas

One of the most naturally processed teas that you can consume, young tea buds (white in colour – hence the name) are plucked early from the plant, and then left to naturally dry and wither. Because the tea has only been lightly oxidised, it retains much of its antioxidant content. While white tea has a high antioxidant count, it actually has a low caffeine content too – this is due to it’s very light oxidisation. As a general rule, white teas usually contain around 30-55mg caffeine per cup.

White tea and cancer prevention

Numerous studies have been conducted on the cancer treating properties of green and white teas but little conclusive evidence has been collected. In 2001, Oregon State University conducted a study into white and green teas and their relation in reducing the risk of cancer. The study found that white tea was 5 times more effective at protecting cells from carcinogens, the substances known to cause human cells to mutate and potentially become cancerous. These results suggested that white tea has a positive effect in protecting the body against cancer.

How much white tea should I drink for these health benefits?

As based on the studies above, 4 – 6 cups of white tea a day will provide your body with the sufficient antioxidants to reap the benefits. Please note that white tea varieties will have different levels of antioxidant content, depending on how they have been grown and processed. Caffeine content in white tea is relatively low, measuring in at around 30 -55mg per cup (in comparison to 200mg for a cup of coffee), so theres no need to worry about excessive caffeine consumption.

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