There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to exclusively provide loose leaf tea for our customers. Want to hear about it? Well here we go:

It tastes better.

Loose leaf tea has a much larger surface area than the dust (or fanning as they’re known) found in tea bags. Because loose leaf hasn’t been crushed or torn, it allows for a lot more of the natural flavour to infuse into your drink, making it taste a lot better. The aroma of the tea is also greatly improved with a much fresher and cleaner scent that varies massively from tea to tea.

The Quality.

Loose leaf tea is much higher quality than the stuff you’ll find in teabags. Teas are rated on a scale to describe their quality – the tea from a teabag is usually the lowest on the scale (fannings) and is used for the wrong reasons; it’s cheap and can be produced in mass. The tea we use for our products always comes from the top grades, meaning you get a lot better quality for your money and really get to taste the tea as it’s meant to be.

It’s Fresher.

Loose leaf tea is often plucked, dried and processed for drinking within a few weeks. We then seal it in airtight pouches to retain this flavour. This allows it to be really fresh. Teabags on the other hand, can be sat there for well over a year. In this amount of time, teabags can lose even more of their flavour and grow stale. This is pretty bad – especially when it’s widely recommended that you drink tea within a year of it being processed!

The health benefits.

Now we’re not the sort to rave on about the health benefits of tea. YES it is good for you and YES there are studies to prove it, however we prefer to focus on the flavour and quality of our tea, and not health benefit gimmicks. But tea is just that amazing that it’s worthwhile mentioning a few. It contains more catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols than any other drink, and herbal tea are known to have therapeutic properties for a number of different ailments.

It can be re-infused.

Good quality tea, especially green and white teas can be re-infused up to 5 times. That means you can use the same tea over and over and over again. Sounds good right? It actually makes drinking loose leaf tea a lot more economical when you’re getting 5 cups for the price of 1!

Contact our wholesale department for more information on our tea, or let us know if you have any special requests.