Easy Teasy had an exciting day ahead. Today was the day for new flavours, inspiration and tea tasting: our favourite kind of combination. We were off to meet our very own ‘tea guru’, who would help us create our perfect summer range. Now this guy really knows how to brew a proper cup of tea!

Tea tasting isn’t about just quickly pouring some boiling water over the tea leaves and tasting, it’s a traditional process which consists of pouring hot water (not boiling, to avoid scalding) over the leaves and then infusing each individual tea for just the right length of time. After slowly sipping, we then re-infused the leaves up to four times, getting a slightly more unique flavour each time! Who would have known there could be so much flavour in those little leaves!


Examining the teas

Examining the dried teas before brewing them up.


Cup No.1 – Pai Mu Dan

This light tea is very delicate; a great thirst quencher for hot summer days like today! The light herbal tones are a nice start to the palette. This particular Chinese tea wilts on its own accord, making it one of the most natural and unprocessed teas in the world.


Cup No.2 – White Pomegranate

This tangy tea is full bodied which complements the more delicate taste of the tea. Made from a blend of white and green tea, then flavoured with natural pomegranate, we can honestly say this is one of the most delicious teas we have tried. This exciting brew is tasty hot or cold, ideal when the temperature is hitting 29°c like today!


Cup No.3 – Jasmine Yin Hao

This gentle tea is like a warm hug on a cold day. A quick, simple pick me-up that anyone who leads a fast paced lifestyle will appreciate to sit down and relax with. The Jasmin Yin Hao is scented by the traditional method of layering the tea leaves with jasmine blossoms and leaving them to infuse. Next, all of the blossoms have to be removed one by one from all of the leaves; now that’s a serious job!


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 13.42.13

Our Operations Director checking out a fruity blend.


So many options and so many flavours! We sat for two more hours brewing, sipping and tasting the different teas. Finding our perfect new range was not something to be rushed. After uncountable cups of tea and numerous bathroom visits, the Easy Teasy team had finally compiled a list of new flavours. There is something in our new range for everyone; from Orange Blossom Oolong to Japanese Cherry Tea, our exotic new range has a blend for every taste.

It’s great to welcome you into the world of Easy Teasy, check out our new website and see which flavours made it into our exciting range!

I promise, you wont be disappointed,

Easy Teasy.