We are welcoming in our Peach Sencha for June’s Tea of the Month!

One of our favourite flavoured green teas; this Japanese Sencha tea is the perfect summer thirst quencher. Peach Sencha is faultless brewed hot or cold, the natural sweet peach in this tea compliments the light flavours of a Sencha base. Brewed cold, this tea releases some really, subtle fruity notes.

This is a great choice when starting to introduce your pallet to green tea. The sweet peach is the strongest flavour in the cup, so novice green tea drinkers tend to find this VERY easy to drink. This is one of the many reasons myself and Tom chose Peach Sencha to be part of our main core range when we began Easy Teasy back in 2014. Not only has this tea got a delicious flavour, but our Peach Sencha is decorated with fresh sunflower blossoms making it extra summery!

This tea should be brewed at 70 degrees Celsius (like all green teas) because the tea leaves are light and delicate – using boiling water will singe them. To monitor the temperature, you can either use a thermometer or temperature gaged kettle.

Let the tea brew for 3-5 minutes, then enjoy!

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