Being classed as an artisan producer, we like to ensure that we can provide you with as much of a tailored service as possible.

All of our teas are hand packed by us at our facility in central Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We keep as much of the tea production and packaging in Newcastle as we possibly can.

We have a strong network of suppliers from around the world which gives us access to an abundance of tea varieties, allowing us to be very flexible with the teas that we can provide to our customers.

Currently we can source over 150 different varieties of tea types and grades.

Our products are packaged using triple-layer aluminium foil laminate pouches. These pouches give the greatest barrier protection from moisture and contaminates to the tea, allowing our tea to retain it’s freshness throughout its useable life.

Pouches are heat sealed until they get to our customers, ensuring that the tea is at optimum freshness.

Contact our wholesale department for more information on our tea, or let us know if you have any special requests.