Green tea is well known for its detoxing health benefits and popular for those wanting a refreshing lift throughout the day. Here at Easy Teasy, we sell a wide variety of green teas, some that are flavoured and some that are completely natural. Click here to view our range. (


Green tea comes from the exact same plant as your everyday English Breakfast tea, Camellia Sinensis. The tea-leaves are plucked, withered and rolled. The oxidation process is halted by applying heat to the leaves through steaming and pan-firing them in a hot, dry wok. This stops the leaf oxidising further and turning into black tea. This gives the leaf its beautiful green colour, but also means that it needs a much lower temperature to brew in. We recommend different temperatures for certain green teas, but on a whole a green tea should be brewed at 70-80℃ for three-five minutes. If boiling water is used the green leaves become very bitter and astringent leaving a dry texture on the tongue, this seems to be the main reason people don’t like green tea!


Our Yunnan Green is our pure and simple base green tea; it is a smoky Chinese leaf that is grown in the mountains just outside Simao. Our Yunnan Green has a slightly more complex flavour than your average green tea, the flavour is a little stronger and a tad heavier. We are thrilled to be able to get our hands on this rarer brew, we can guarantee this cup of warmth will not disappoint. If you didn’t think this tea could get any better, you can re-infuse the Yunnan leaves up to 5 times! Now, if that isn’t getting your money’s worth what is?!


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